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Auditorium Induction Loop

auditorium loopDescription
The auditorium induction loop is a mains
powered unit which provides a cost effective
solution for use in areas where required coverage is up to 800m2.

  • up to 200m2 (IIL05)
  • up to 450m2 (IIL06)
  • up to 800m2 (IIL07)

It is a permanently installed assistive listening system which clarifies sound by eliminating the negative effects of distance, noise, and reverberation.

It includes loop cable & amplifier with 3 sound inputs (2 for microphones and 1 line in).

An auditorium induction loop is ideal for use in churches, theatres, large meeting rooms and university lecture theatres.

auditorium loopIt is perfectly adapted as it is a “Fit and forget” solution, which you can leave on 24/7, to clarify sound by eliminating the negative effects of distance, noise, and reverberation.

Speech Transfer Systems

The speech transfer system is the ideal solution for noisy environments requiring privacy of communications. With its integrated induction loop, it also allows the hearing impaired to hear perfectly what is said through the microphone.

The Bridge Bar system features:

  • Proximity microphones on both “staff” and “customer” side of screen
  • Optimal voice pick-up with minimum background noise
  • Integrated induction loop to make sure hearing aid users can hear what is said.
  • Mute facility to ensure privacy

All microphones and speakers are available as standard in grey or black.

Other finishes are also available to special order.

Speech transfer systems enable clear voice communication between customers and service staff through glass security screens.

Ideal for banks and building societies, bureau de change, consulates and embassies, petrol stations, high security environments, hospitals and clinics, passport offices, police stations, post offices, reception counters, stations and airports, theatre information and sales kiosks and many more.

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