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Induction Loops

[image=/stg/userupload/site An induction loop system helps hearing aid users hear sounds more clearly by reducing or cutting out background noise in noisy places.Inductions are required to be installed and certified to EN 60118/4.

Hearing induction loops can be used at home or in theatres and cinemas, meeting rooms, offices, banks and building societies, bureau de change, consulates and embassies, petrol stations, high security environments, hospitals and clinics, schools and colleges, police stations, post offices, reception counters, stations and airports, theatre information and sales kiosks and many more customer situations.

Product types:

Portable Induction Loop

Simple to operate, this fully portable self contained unit requires no wiring to function.
All in one microphone and loop running either on battery (up to 4h from full charge) or mains.
Dimensions: 170mm x 180mm x 65mm
Transmission range approximately 1.5 metres

Suitable for one to one meetings:
Place the portable induction loop where the range covers all users and turn it on. Then, the hearing aid wearers switch their hearing aid to the ‘T’ position and talk normally. The green LED indicates that the unit is operational and when speech is detected, the orange LED will flicker.

Suitable for indoor one-to-one discussions, at service counters, reception desks or for small offices.

fixed counter induction loop

Fixed Counter Induction Loop

This induction loop is installed on a wall or vertical side of a desk / counter connected to mains power supply.

Transmission range can be up to 25m˛.
A red LED indicates that the unit is powered on.
A green LED indicates that speech is detected and the unit is functioning.

Unit comes with one boundary microphone, other types available on request.

Fixed Counter Induction Loops provide permanent mains operated loop facility for counter and service points that are in constant use.
No user intervention required as the unit is always on.

meeting room loop

Meeting Room Induction Loop

The meeting room induction loop is a mains powered unit which provides a cost effective solution for use in areas where required coverage is :

  • up to 50m2 (IIL03)

  • up to 135m2 (IIL04)

It includes the amplifier, an electrets microphone with its self supporting stand.

A meeting room loop is ideal for use in small and medium sized meeting rooms. It is perfectly adapted as it is a “Fit and forget” solution, which you can leave on 24/7, to clarify sound by eliminating the negative effects of distance, noise, and reverberation.

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